Teatro Jaguar Luna


Using several types of mask and puppetry the theatre manifests short vignettes, cabaret pieces and even a full length play.  Many of the characterizations offer insight on how to focus your attention and activate consciousness.  Their whimsy and wit form and help the audience decode how to move your physical mass from one part of the dream matrix to the other.  Often, a show may begin with experimental videography revealing dramatic examples of how the mind responds to symbolic language or its grotesque perversion, deluded by modern media, corporations, government and religion.  The theatre engages satirical, humorous tone using marionettes, witches from outer space, divine creatures and more, to show the duality of the mind in action and what happens when a third party becomes involved.  Meanwhile, between each mini set of 5-6 minutes there is a video blend of jaguar portal paintings and imagery of ascension symbolism.  Teatro Jaguar Luna is diverse, flexible, magical and most of all phantasmagoric; entertaining and thought-provoking dramatic works that enourage the spoon-fed scripted masses to reconsider what is reality.


Mad Theatre…. Intriguingly psychedelic, soundscape, the masks, whether smallish or enormous were wonderfully well-craftedWashington City Paper

Peyote Theatre—New York Sun

a bizarre initiation ritual into a mystifying rite—Time Out New York


the magic begins...

striking visuals

performers become part of the visual landscape…evocative strange, rich and memorable props